• Truckload FundraisingWhen it comes to raising money for your school, church, or organization, nothing beats selling fresh Florida fruit! It’s healthy and very profitable. We’ve seen groups of 100-150 or more raise $10,000 in with 2-3 weeks of fundraising sales!
  • Order Fruit OnlineWe have all your gift fruit here — for holidays, birthdays, or other occasions! Parker Indian River Groves has partnered with Sunfresh Direct to provide you with bushels of luscious Citrus Fruit packaged and ready for delivery to the people you love.
  • Tour the FacilityFrom the trees to our staff, we work year-round to provide you with the best fruit that ever touched your lips.
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The Parker Indian River Groves Difference

At Parker Indian River Groves, we know that you deserve the very best for your fruit, and our goal is to provide you with citrus so delicious that you'll come back over and over again. That's why we guarantee that the fruit will arrive fresh and mouth-wateringly scrumptious.

If you are fundraising with us, we start picking the fruit when we receive your order, and we send extra fruit on the truck just in case there is any problem. If you are sending gifts, we deliver them right to your recipient's door and guarantee that if it's not fresh when it arrives, we will send out another package to them immediately. We provide the same attention and guarantees for fruit that you order for yourself.

It really does make a difference who you choose to provide your fruit for yourself, your gifts, and your fundraiser. Here at Parker, we understand that, and our commitment to quality ensures that you will experience what sets us apart from all other companies.