• Choose Your ScentsChoose 6 from over 120 scents.
  • Choose Your ColorsChoose 4 colors that you want to offer.
  • Choose Your Selling MethodChoose pre-orders or up-front
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Candle Fundraiser from Sailaway Candles

Why We Partnered with Sailaway Candles

We honestly desire to help all groups raise the funds they need. Because groups less than 150 people struggle to meet the minimum purchase with our truckload fruit fundraiser, we began looking for an alternative fundraiser that would be unique and profitable. What we found was Sailaway Candles.

Sailaway Candles truly is unique. Their minimum purchase is lower than other candle fundraising companies. They allow you to completely customize your fundraiser to what you want. You choose the scents and colors that you will sell. You can have your logo and name on the label. In addition, you get to choose the amount of profit regardless of how many sales you make.

How It Works

Customize Your Fundraiser

  • Choose up to 6 scents that you want to be able to offer. There are over 120 scents from which to choose.
  • Choose up to 4 colors that you want to offer.
  • Decide if you want to have your own logo and name on the label or if you will sell Sailaway Candles branded candles.

Decide How You Want to Sell

  • PRE-ORDER SALES: This is the most common method. Sailaway sends you a master order form that you copy and distribute to your members. Take the orders and collect the fund then place and pay for your order. The candles will be poured and shipped as quickly as possible.
  • UP-FRONT ORDER: This method allows your customers a "hands-on" sale. It is great for events, bazaars, farmers' markets or storefront sales.

Complete Your Sales

If you are doing a pre-order fundraiser, complete your sales, order your candles and pay for them, and then distribute the candles when you receive them. If you order your candles up front, attend your events and sell candles!


Rather than post specific recommendations here that might work for some groups but not for others, let us recommend that you contact Sailaway Candles to help you with your planning. Sailaway provides you with a dedicated customer service agent (just like Parker Indian River Groves does) to help you make your decisions. Call the number below.

Call Sailaway Candles Fundraising Department at 865-687-7698.