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Your Fruit Fundraiser

A Quick Overview

You are invited to become a part of our family of fundraising friends and reserve boxes of the sweetest, juiciest fruit anywhere. This is truly fruit that you, as a fundraiser, can be proud of.

This fundraiser really works for large groups, but we have seen small, motivated groups successfully raise very large sums of money with a fruit fundraiser. Regardless of your group size, if you think that you can sell a minimum of 750 boxes of fruit, we are glad to work with you.

If you are not sure that you can meet the minimum order, click here for Small Group Fundraiser information.

Truckload Fundraising is the quickest method to raise large sums of money!

We provide you with as low a price as possible and then you mark up the price according to the amount of money you wish to raise. Take orders and let us know exactly what you need or purchase a truckload and set up a booth at a local business or mall. (We provide customized order forms for your group!) Either way, a truckload of citrus will be shipped to your designated area for you to distribute. Please note that payment is required up-front, so be sure to collect your money when people place their orders.

Why Choose Parker Indian River Groves?

We own the groves

Unlike fruit brokers, Parker Indian River Groves owns its groves. In fact, we are one of just a handful of growers who produce our own Ortaniques, a delicious orange that comes out in March that is very similar to a navel.

We take steps to make sure you receive the very best fruit possible.

The freshest fruit possible is sent to you. Your fruit is not picked until you place your order, and we examine it closely to make sure you receive only the best fruit.

Your order receives personal attention.

When it is loaded onto the truck, a trained staff person (or many times even the owner!) oversees the loading to make sure that you are sent the correct fruit and that it is loaded carefully.

Extra fruit is included free just in case it is needed.

We include 1% extra fruit with your order. If there is any problem with the fruit when it arrives, you can replace it on the spot!

Commitment to Customer Service is top priority and a key to our success.

Live customer service is important. Anytime you have questions, speak with your fundraising representative or call us toll free at 1-888-999-8726. We are always happy to help.

High Standards make the difference.

Parker Indian River Groves maintains the highest standards for Quality, Flavor and Freshness. Whether you sell a truckload or one of our attractive specialty gift fruit packages, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Parker Indian River Groves is licensed and bonded by the state of Florida Department of Citrus.

Click here to request free information.