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It's All About the Fruit

We have two goals.

Our primary goal at Parker Indian River Groves is to provide you with the best, most delicious fruit that you ever put in your mouth. According to our customers, we succeed at that goal regularly. Whether you get the fruit from a truckload fundraiser or our gift fruit division, we are happy to say that we want you, our customer, to be happy.

Our second goal is to help as many groups as possible raise the funds they need. Most of the time that happens through our truckload fundraiser, but smaller groups usually are not able to meet the minimum order. Therefore, we partnered with Sailaway Candles to provide a fundraiser for smaller groups.

We welcome you to take a look at your options below and take advantage of the one that you wish to use. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us.

Truckload Fundraising

It's not complicated. You sell fruit and make great profit -- more than you can make with most other fundraisers!

Click here for more information about our fruit fundraiser.

Order Fruit Online

Whether you want fruit for yourself or you would like to send gifts to anywhere in the continental U.S., our mouth-watering, sweet fruit brings smiles to those who eat it. Unlike fruit brokers, Parker Indian River Groves has its own fruit groves. In fact, we are one of just a handful of growers who produce Ortanique Oranges. (Ortaniques are much like navel oranges, everyone's favorite, but they come out in March instead of November.) We have partnered with Sunfresh Direct for distribution of our individual fruit orders.

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Fundraisers for Groups Under 150 Members

We found that smaller groups are not able to meet the minimum order requirements of the fruit truckload fundraiser. Our goal, however, is to help all group raise the funds they need. Therefore, we partnered with Sailaway Candles to provide a fundraiser for groups with under 150 members. Sailaway Candles provides the most customizable candle fundraiser that we have found and they have a very low minimum order (only 12 candles). They also offer you a selection of over 120 scents and several colors so that you can choose the specific colors and scents you want for your fundraiser. They will even put your logo and name on the label. It truly is all about you and what you want.

Click here for more information about the candle fundraiser.