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Tour the Facility

From the trees to our staff, we work year-round to provide you with the best fruit that ever touched your lips.

It starts with the trees.

The fruit that comes from Indian River country is known for producing the best citrus fruit. The trees here at Parker Indian River Groves work hard year-round to produce delicious mouth-watering fruit.

Pickin' and Grinning'

We pick the fruit and bring it to our processing plant where the fruit is prepared and loaded into the sorters.

Sorting it all out

The fruit is loaded into our sorters. The fruit is sorted first according to size. Once it makes it through the size sort, we have workers who check the fruit very closely and remove any bad fruit.

Parker Indian River Groves goes the extra mile to make sure your fruit is fresh. When we load your truck (see below), we always include extra fruit. That way, if any of your fruit is not perfect, you have replacements right there -- NO WAITING!

Packing with care

Thousands of grapefruits, oranges, and other delectable citrus are passed down the sort rows where our workers pack them into the boxes to be delivered.

There is an interesting fact that you might not realize. The fruit may be sorted by size, but they are all packed in the same size boxes. Some people prefer to get bigger fruit. Others people prefer to receive smaller fruit but more pieces per box. If you have a preference, be sure to let us know.

Loaded and Delivered

It is amazing how many boxes of fruit are packed in our warehouse. We have thousands that are packed, loaded on trucks, and delivered to our customers.

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